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Free Norton Scan

Monday, October 15, 2007

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There is so much of concern on the internet about the kind of viruses that are rampant these days. One small mistake in downloading a file from internet or through LAN may make you susceptible to virus.

There is Norton Anti-virus, no matter. But how many can afford to buy it for security? Atleast I did not. Instead, I got a free norton anti virus software from the link. You can now scan your computer for free.

If you have not scanned it in sometime, do check out how the system behaves after all the viruses have been cleaned. You'll love Norton for that!
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Universal planning free music service

Sunday, October 14, 2007

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On Saturday, UK-based newspaper Telegraph reported that Universal is pitching a free mobile music service, called Total Music, to be paid for by carriers and some hardware manufacturers. Among the potential partners approached, according to the newspaper, are Zune-maker Microsoft, Sony BMG, and Warner Music. Sony and Warner are reportedly on board.

Once the service is established and marketed, consumers would know that Total Music devices include a free music subscription. Other details about the service, such as the companies' split, rights management, and playability on various devices have not yet been reported.

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