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Invisible Ink Pen

Friday, March 09, 2007

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Was browsing through eBay and came across an interesing item on sale called the Invisible ink. Now, what it says is that this ink can write in invisible characters, so that nobody can see;except when seen in UV light. This can help you to store secret messages, passwords, or also simply mark an end of your credit card, so that when you pay it at a bill or something, you cannot be cheated with a counterfeit one. You can always check if it is still yours.

The manufacturer goes beyond and says that it can be used for parties where you can scribble all that you want on your shirts so that in parties where you have a lot of UV light up, they are seen.

It does sound cool; but then, I doubt how long this will last. Like, it comes with a UV LED so that you can actually read what you have written. But sorry, I am not sure of how it will work, or atleast why I would need it :-D
posted by Anand, 1:52 PM


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