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Hawk Eye - Revolutionizing or Americanizing

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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Most people in the west who follow tennis think that the hawk eye that has of late been used to make a judgement of whether the ball fell inside the line or out is the best thing to have happened to technology in sports.

But then, not many know that this technology was first adopted in Cricket, a sport that millions cherish in this part of the world in Asia. In fact, the first ever cricket match featured Pakistan, an Asian country.

Ok, but unlike in tennis, accepting this as well as other technologies has been sluggish in cricket. This is because a majority in the cricketing world still feel that human error in judgement is part and parcel of sport and hence technology should not be imposed beyond limits. This was best quoted by Steve Waugh, the former Australian captain who felt that such technologies being used by umpires to take a decision would amount to Americanizing the game and take the charm out of it.

Agreed. But then, TV viewers, and the competitive media cannot let go off this marvel, simply because it provides that extra mileage to analysis of the play. Atleast hawk eye has revolutionized the way cricket, and tennis is being followed.
posted by Anand, 3:24 PM


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