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Top Five Wired Nations

Friday, March 09, 2007

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Though this is an old report, it was recently on Digg. IBM had, way back in June 2005 published its study of the five most wired nations in the world. The study was based on the Information Society Index of 2004.

According to this report, Singapore,Denmark, Canada, Sweden and USA are the top most wired nations. All these nations had around 65 percent odd Internet connectivity.

Analysing the results, I feel Singapore, USA and Canada' yes, even I would have guessed. The listing of Denmark and Sweden was quite surprising, considering that I had expected much more wiredness from the more internet savvy countries like South Korea, Japan, UK, France, etc.

But reading further into the article delves into the reasons. GSM, WCDMA, EDGE and Bluetooth were all invented in Sweden.

Denmark scored high mainly due to the terrific infrastructure as well as great price competition among the internet providers, which I guess does indeed supplement the high literacy levels, which has made such a high penetration level possible.

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posted by Anand, 3:24 PM


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