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View 2D as a 3D

Monday, January 08, 2007

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In June this year, Carnegie Mellon University,USA came up with a technology to help computers comprehend 2D images much more than what they normally tend to do, thereby gaining a 3D vision of an image that is actually 2D.
Though layman techniques exist on how to see 2D images as 3D pictures, this technology was significant as this can lay the foundation for further technological advances. For example, today you can view Google Earth as it is visible from the satellite. But it is still a picture taken from the sky, that's it. Imagine yourself dropping from 30000 feet to 15 feet between two tall buildings, be able to view the walls on your both sides, then again move up to be in the sky. This is a definite possibility. Watch this video based on the university's technology.
posted by Anand, 10:16 AM


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