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Is the time on your watch accurate?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

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Ok, are you confident that the answer you give to the question I asked is cent percent true?Well, Casio has just answered this and have come up with their wave ceptor watch. Now, this watch does not require manual calibration to set the time( which is the reason for the time being wrong on many occassions).

To tackle this, the Casio WVA105HA-1AV wave ceptor watch makes use of radio signals to automatically calibrate the time. This means that you can be rest assured that the time on your watch is the most accurate.

But, I don't think it will suit every person's needs. Some people have their watch intentionally calibrated five minutes fast so that they get their acts going on time. Another friend of mine in school actually had other intentions. He set his time something like 7 minutes and 15 seconds or so fast because this will get him to calculate the correct time, each time helping him improve his calculation ability.

Seriously too, I have apprehensions about factors that we cannot control. We do know of places and times where radio signals do not reach us. So, how will the watch live upto then. At such times, you will have to revert back to the traditional ways, which makes the new technology redundant.

But still, I think this is on the right track to help all people actually see the "correct" time everytime...
posted by Anand, 7:16 AM


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