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Setting up your own Internet Radio station

Monday, October 23, 2006

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Internet Radio is not simply about playing the same hackneyed music that one can even otherwise get from the hundreds of other places. Internet radios are infact used to cast talks and discussions related to one's industry. Suppose you run a pet shop. You can publicize your company by holding a half hour talk show everyday related to pet care.

Now, since this is the kind of requirement most of the businessmen have and not something of all-day network, it is of no use in going to places like Live365. You can check out the lesser ones, which in fact only require you to have a broadband or a dialup internet connection to get started.

Softwares like PirateRadio are useful in achieving just that. These are available at a fraction of the dedicated server internet radio stations and they can simply play any of the poular audio files. So, economically and from the point of what is required, they achieve our needs.

Do suggest ways in which I too can use something of this kind of a radio to supplement my blog. Remember that since I can play any audio file, I need not necessarily have to speak on that !!
posted by Anand, 12:02 PM


Well setting up your own radio station can be easy and also can be hard as hell. It all depends on what your goal is. For example, Do you want to stream live? Do you want to stream dedicated (aka MP3 podcst style). What do you want to broadcast? Who is your audience? How do I go about broadcasting?(This is a loaded question.)

But if you want to play music, you are going to be responsible for royalties through ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC and SOUNDEXCHANGE. And believe me these hounds will find you if you play music.

Now if you want to try something go for the specialized stuff like a radio show on UFo's, ghost stories, financial news, real estate anything, educational shows, health issues, local sports, local issues. Don't make the mistake like thousands have try to start a rock station and play Stairway to Heaven, only to find out that your anly listner is ASCAP who in turn sues you for playing licensed music you are not licensed for!!
commented by Anonymous Richard Jaime, 6:45 PM  
Thanks for the wonderful advice Richard. Licensing; well I forgot that part, but yes,even otherwise playing such stuff will get you no listener. Listeners only come for unique content...
commented by Blogger Anand, 9:09 PM  

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