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Electronic Sticky notes

Thursday, October 26, 2006

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I have always had a poor memory and so have always used the 'tasks' option in my cell phone to keep track of reminders. But just came across this new launch of electronic sticky notes. It is a nice tool, much like the other freebie sticky notes available already. This one keeps tracks of reminder dates and has a good alarm feature.

If you are ready to shell out 15 odd bucks and then this also provides features like scheduled turning off of the computer, additional tool skins, etc.

Five more dollars extra and you can also launch files and websites at the required time, keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

Quite a nice feature. I have right now downloaded the free part. Do not think I actually require the advanced versions.
posted by Anand, 7:15 AM


Thanks for the review Anand. Luking forward to see more...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:48 AM  

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