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Video to Photo conversion

Thursday, February 08, 2007

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Using Windows, it is easy to make a movie out of a bunch of photos. But, there is no readymade solution to do the reverse, that is, to cut out a single photo out of a video. In fact, I tried doing it using conventional tools like printscreen. Printscreen, for some good reason, does not provide the actual image of the screen, while running a movie. You simply get a dark blank image in the place of the movie.

I guess, for such simple tasks, it makes no sense to go for priced products. You can very well try out free download softwares available. For this particular task, I tried using this software called SC Video Cut and Split

This one allows you to zoom into the part of the movie you require, then cut that particular portion of the movie. Infact, this point can be chosen to either make a single photo or use that point as a split point to make two parts of the single movie. I do not think it is necessary to explain the usage as the buttons are quite intuitive. You may either download this or look for other similar tools at freedownloadscenter.com.
posted by Anand, 8:46 AM


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