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Pretty Crazy alarm clock

Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Look at the picture.No, it is not some mixer that you find in the kitchen. It is called a bender alarm clock. And the purpose: to get people like me, even me out of the bed. Now, how this works is, those styrofoam beads inside the plastic enclosure start creating a ruckus at the set time. Add four annoying tunes to it that also start off and it is sure to get anybody out of the bed. Call it a plus-point or not, it does not have an option of snooze..So, you WILL have to wake up when it rings.

But then, who wants to buy such an annoy-machine. All said and done, everyone of us love the snap after actually waking up. And I definitely don't want to wake up all angry and irritated. However, this one does look good. I tell you, don't keep this to yourself, but buy one for your friend on his or her birthday ;-)
posted by Anand, 4:22 PM


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