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Make your own cell phone movie

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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The growing number of cell-phone movie contest is amazing. It is cool in a way, because it gives everyone of us a chance to become a movie-maker for a time, and who knows, even win prizes from one of those cell phone movie contests.

If you are serious about such contests, start deciding on the cell phones which might help you best in such cases. Recently came across the capabilities of J-phone Toshiba T-08.

Unlike most other cell phones which only help you in catching a shot and trasferring it to your computer or send it across, this phone has the ability to splice multiple shots, trim the images, add background score, redub the existing ones, add textual overlays, and a lot more.

This might look overwhelming for a device such as a cell phone, and if ever anyone who contemplates this one, just for such features, it should be one of those cell phone movie aspirants.

But then, my point is that it does not matter much. The movie is ultimately transferred out of your cell phone and only then watched. Why not transfer it out in the first place itself to your computer and then do the editing. You have a zillion softwares to do just that.The choice to get it is simply yours. Both ways, you are at a winning side!
posted by Anand, 3:35 PM


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